Florida Olive Systems

Will olives grow in Florida?
Yes. Olive trees are no longer exclusively grown in the Mediterranean region. Through experimentation, new cultivars, and tenacity, olive trees are now grown on 6 different continents. The olive tree (Olea Europaea) is a sub tropic tree, with a USDA hardiness zone of 8-11.

Will olive trees produce fruit in Florida?
It depends on which of the 2,000 + cultivars are selected, and where they are planted.

How big is the olive oil market in the U.S.?
It's huge and growing. Currently, the U.S. consumes approximately 80 million gallons per year, with only 1%-1.5% produced in the U.S. Flow of foreign extra virgin olive oil imported into the U.S. has not been regulated since 1948, causing much concern for the quality of olive oil shipped to the U.S. The University of CA, Davis has several studies regarding this issue.

Who is Florida Olive Systems, Inc.?
We are Florida growers (some 5th generation) trying to responsibly evaluate the mechanized model of super high density olive growing for oil production in Florida.

What does Florida Olive Systems, Inc. do ?
We are an olive tree distributor of Olint olive trees. We are in the process of developing or own super high density olive groves in Florida. We can help you evaluate if growing olives has potential in your area for either table or oil cultivars. We can also supply olive trees for the nursery and landscape industries.

Many thanks go out to the help and interest provided by the University of Florida IFAS Agents.
They certainly have their hands full with the many issues facing the Florida citrus, fern, and nursery industries.


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